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From Despair to where?

From 80mls of methadone and a blue-bag full of syringes collected daily from this chemist in Stoke Newington, to a theatre in the West End. Eight and a half years ago,I staggered into an NA meeting dying, I’ve not used a drug or a drink since. To say I’m grateful, would be an understatement. The show starts it’s 4 week run next Tuesday, thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way, without you guys, none of this would be possible. I very much hope to see some of you over the next few weeks, you’re not just supporting me, you’re supporting The Outside Edge Theatre Company, they have helped countless individuals in their recovery over the years and as with me, their journey continues too.2014-10-22 10.51.582014-11-18 09.19.04tb


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"A jumped up country boy, who never knew his place."

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