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So here we are again.

The Tale of Hightown Pirates

So here’s to tomorrow, all our tomorrows, for you and me, it’s just for today.”

(Just for Today, Hightown Pirates)

We don’t know what tomorrow may bring, we can guess, we can plan, we can dream, but we never really know do we?

Do we?

Summer 2015, the NME once called him Britain’s greatest songwriter, I call him a friend my 6yr old daughter thinks he says “Too many ‘grown-up words daddy”.

He’s sitting on my sofa playing ‘Something like you’ strumming slowly as Tabitha falls asleep on my knee.

So come on climb in, we know how it’s been.”

Yes we do, we both do but things are different now, older, survivors with stories to tell, stories of love, loss, despair and redemption, it’s big stuff, powerful.

“You should play your guitar more often Simon mate”

“I know Mick, it’s just..

“Just what? Just fuckin do it La..”

“Ok Mick, wanna hear a few of my songs?”

“Go ‘ead mate”

Five days later, I open the show as my friend plays a low-key gig here in Hackney, later reviewed thus.

“The assembled are here because Head’s songs about everyday life, escaping it, love and drug use are still some of the most gently seductive we have ever come across.”

(Kitty Empire The Guardian)

Yeah, of course they are.

Hightown Pirates were conceived in Liverpool, took our first steps in Hackney at the aforementioned gig, went on adventures in Europe with The Libertines in 2016, then onstage with Peter Doherty in the spring of that year.

After a show in Aberdeen somebody asked about my song Just for Today, where could they get it?

“You can’t, it’s not recorded I’m afraid, it’s an old song of mine, but still not found its way out into the world.”

“It’s a great song though, you should record it.”

“Thanks and yes it is, I’ve got a few more too.”


April 2016, Doghouse Studios Henley on Thames, I’m here with PD, he’s with his band in the studio, I’m with my thoughts sitting by the side of the river, I’d love to record here.

“Here’s to tomorrow, all our tomorrows..”

I get a call, someone wants to help me make an album, the person from Aberdeen.

I make some calls, old friends, companions, musical cohorts, other survivors, dreamers, people that believe in the impossible, a day at a time. I get a band, we have 4 rehearsals then go to the studio to make our album. We go to Doghouse Studios, of course we do.

We make our own magic, the chemistry is perfect, as is the absence of chemicals..

Its’ called Dry and High. Of course it is.

Meet Hightown Pirates, your new favourite band.

Hightown Pirates are a collective, who’s members include the following…

Simon Mason.

Matty Purslow.

David Aird.

Lilly Vasil.

Shona Paisley.

Jon Finnigan.

Mark Neary.

Eddie Wilson.

Josh Walsh.

Martin Smith.

Simon James.

Andy Diagram.

Anna Tosh Hall.

Andrew Winters.

John Gosnall.

John Rundle.

Ste Powell.

Martin Crew.

Laurie McMahon.

Becky Tucker

Tabitha Mason.




And you, just for today of course.


Our album, Dry and High will be released in May 2017.


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